Myaamiaataweenki on the Web

Myaamiaataweenki (Myaamia language) on the Web

Due to our history of forced removal, land loss, and population fragmentation, Myaamia people live all over the United States as well as in another countries around the world. As a result, the internet has become an increasingly useful place for teaching and using our heritage language. What follows is a brief summary of the tools that Myaamia teachers use for teaching Myaamiaataweenki as well as tools that Myaamia speakers use for communicating in our heritage language.

Myaamia Online Dictionary: a great place for beginners to learn basic phrases or words for use in everyday life. See and search in the box in the upper right corner.

Facebook – see the Myaamia Center’s Facebook page, the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma’s page and the Eewansaapita page for updates on community events and language programs. English remains the main means of communication on Facebook but more and more you’ll see words and short phrases mixed into posts on these pages.

Twitter – a domain for intermediate speakers to use only Myaamiaataweenki. Follow the twitter handles: @ciinkwia @kinwalaniihsia @caahceenhsa & @aamaawia to observe or participate in these conversations.

Aacimotaatiiyankwi: Myaamia Community Blog – this site is used to teach Myaamiaataweenki with short posts, articles, and videos. Click here to return to the language page for this site and look at posts about Myaamiaataweenki. There is also a lot of language terminology in the weather reports and history and genealogy posts on the site.

Memrise – a language teaching app available on the web and on iOS and Android devices. You can create an account on your computer here and join the course “myaamia language lessons” to start learning. Download the app on your phone or tablet via the App Store or Google Play.

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