Two people in Miami cornfield
Photo credit: Miami University, Jeff Sabo

Kiišiinkwia Kiilhswa ‘Green Corn Moon’ (listen to the pronunciation on the Myaamia Online Dictionary) is the sixth month of Myaamia Kiilhsooki ‘Miami Lunar Calendar.’ The name for this lunar month refers to corn that is in the milk stage and can be eaten raw off of the cob much like today’s common “sweet corn.” Myaamia miincipi ‘corn’ that is planted in Wiihkoowia Kiilhswa ‘Whippoorwill Moon’ will typically reach this stage during Kiišiinkwia Kiilhswa. After miincipi leaves the milk stage, the kernels become dense and hard and require processing before they can be eaten. Kiišiinkwia Kiilhswa was often a time of celebration and feasting as many other vegetables and fruits also ripen during this month. Typically, Kiišiinkwia Kiilhswa falls in the Gregorian calendar months of July and August.

For more information about Myaamia Kiilhsooki ‘Miami Lunar Calendar,’ visit the Myaamia Kiilhsooki page.

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