Eemamwiciki Pen Pal Prompts

We know how easy it is to lose an email so we’ve created this webpage in order to keep all of the prompts we’ve sent out in one place for you!

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Introductions (March 2021)

For your first prompt, we want you to introduce yourself to your pen pal! You can share whatever you want. However, we would like to challenge you to use “Aya, _____ weenswiaani” and replace the _____ with your own name.

If you need some more help, here are some other things to use:

  • If you have attended summer programs, use some of the language you learned there! Last year, we included a new word for Eewansaapita participants: eeminootiaani ‘I am from a certain town.’ If you want, you can view Kara’s introduction video or Nate’s introduction video for ideas!
  • Tell them about where you live! You could even draw or include a picture and describe it.
  • Tell them about your family! You can also share one or two things about your Myaamia family or ancestors. If you want, you can share more too.
  • Ask your pen pal a question! Tell them something about yourself and then ask them about themselves. For example: “I like to play soccer. What do you like to do?” or “I like eating persimmon pudding. What Myaamia foods do you like?”

April 2021

The weather is changing which marks the end of winter storytelling time and the beginning of neepinwiki ‘summer.’ Here are some ideas of what you can share with your pen pal:

  • As it gets warmer, what do you like to do outside?
  • What does it look like around your house? Have you noticed any changes recently?

This is a good chance to try some new language!

Since this is only the second prompt, try asking your pen pal a question that will help you get to know them better!