Eemamwiciki Staff

Our staff looks forward to working with your youth each summer. Since we’re only able to connect virtually this summer, we wanted to make sure you had a chance to put names to faces.

As always, if you have any questions, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page or contact us at

Saakaciweeta Staff

Jessie Seddelmeyer, keemaacimwiihkwa
Saakaciweeta Director
Clarksville, OH

Nate Poyfair
Program Coordinator

Emma Baldwin
Program Coordinator

Saakaciweeta Staff (Left to Right) Jessie Seddelmeyer, Nate Poyfair, Emma Baldwin

Jenna Corral
Program Coordinator

Jenna Corral, Saakaciweeta Program Coordinator

Eewansaapita Staff

George Ironstrack
Eewansaapita Director

Kristina Fox, peehkateewa
Eewansaapita Assistant Director
Oxford, OH

Katin Angelo, aanceeliinkwia
Program Coordinator
Canfield, OH

Gloria Lapp, alaankwa
Program Coordinator
Kalamazoo, MI

Greta Sirois, waapanswa
Art Program Coordinator
Fort Wayne, IN

Eewansaapita Program Staff (Left to Right) George Ironstrack, Kristina Fox, Katin Angelo, Gloria Lapp, Greta Sirois

Eemamwiciki Staff

Joshua Sutterfield, Cultural Education Director Photo

Joshua Sutterfield
Cultural Education Director

Logan York, Eemamwiciki Program Coordinator

Logan York
Program Coordinator