wilaalaansantaawi ‘Let’s color it!’

The wilaalaansantaawi project is one of many new projects developed to reach our community during the Covid-19 pandemic. A digital version of our first book, neepinwiki & peepoonki, is available for download now! You can also download a coloring page featuring our friend, anikwa!

Cover for the summer and winter coloring book

neepinwiki & peepoonki

See Myaamia seasons come to life! Neepinwiki & Peepoonki is a fun interactive way to learn about Myaamia culture. From the interaction of monarchs and milkweed to maple sugaring and planting corn, we’ll introduce you to cultural activities and Myaamia phrases connected to a specific time within the Myaamia seasonal calendar.

anikwa coloring page illustrated by Alyse Capaccio

anikwa coloring page

This page features our friend, anikwa, who can also be found hiding in the neepinwiki & peepoonki coloring pages!

We’d like to thank Alyse Capaccio for illustrating anikwa for us!

Updated: September 22, 2021