A Myaamia sense of family is best expressed when we say eeweentiiyankwi ‘we are related to each other.’ During difficult and challenging times our sense of Myaamia kinship has been one of the key factors in sustaining our people. Within our community developing an understanding of kinship and an appreciation for our big Myaamia family is a central lesson that we try to impart to the next generation. It is the hope of the authors of this blog that Myaamia community members will be interested in continuing to learn more about how our Myaamia families are interrelated. Additionally, we hope that community members will request future posts covering the genealogy of different branches of our big Myaamia family.

If you would like to learn more about Myaamia history, visit our History page.

Genealogy Articles
The Many Branches of Tahkamwa’s Family Tree 
Was “Aquenackwe” Little Turtle’s Father?
Akima Neewilenkwanka (Chief Bigleg)
Kokomo and His Family

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