Removal Commemoration

Meehkweelintamankwi Aanchsahaaciki

‘Remembering Our Forced Removal’

October 2021 will mark 175 years since this momentous and tragic event began on October 6, 1846. The 1846 removal took nearly a month to complete, but the impacts of removal continue to be felt by all Myaamiaki no matter where we live today. Meehkweelintamankwi Aanchsahaaciki ‘Remembering Our Forced Removal’, a year of remembrance and commemoration, will begin during our Winter Gathering at Home event (February 12-13, 2021) and will continue with monthly activities through February 2022.

Announcement of the 2021 Myaamia Winter Gathering

2020 Year End Wrap Up

COVID turns everything upside down The year of Neehseehpineenki COVID-19 was full of tragedy and disruption. In addition to all the lives lost and sickened by this terrible disease, we also paid a serious price in our ability to gather together as Myaamia people. We were forced to cancel events…