For Myaamia people, ecology and history are often connected. This is reflected in our stories and knowledge of how we lived and continue to live where relationships between humans, plants, animals, landscapes, and the changing seasons are linked. Our goal is to assist Myaamia people in weaving this knowledge into their contemporary lives.

Myaamia Kiilhsooki ‘Miami Lunar Calendar’

The Miami Lunar Calendar reflects the seasonal changes going on around us. Each month is based on the phases of the moon and focuses on a specific ecological changes occurring in that time period.

For more information about how to acquire a print version of the calendar, please email George Ironstrack at or download the 2019 Lunar Calendar PDF.

You can learn more about the lunar calendar by visiting the Myaamia Kiilhsooki page.

More information about the key ecological changes associated with each lunar month can be found at the links below.

waawiita kiilhswa ‘Lost Moon’

mahkoonsa kiilhswa ‘Young Black Bear Moon’

aanteekwa kiilhswa ‘Crow Moon’

cecaahkwa kiilhswa ‘Sandhill Crane Moon’

wiihkoowia kiilhswa ‘Whippoorwill Moon’

paaphsaahka niipinwiki ‘Mid-Summer’

kiišiinkwia kiilhswa ‘Green Corn Moon’

mihšiiwia kiilhswa ‘Elk Moon’

šaašaakayolia kiilhswa ‘Grass Burning Moon’

kiiyolia kiilhswa ‘Smoky Burning Moon’

ayaapeensa kiilhswa ‘Young Buck Moon’

ayaapia kiilhswa ‘Buck Moon’

mahkwa kiilhswa ‘Black Bear Moon’

3 Responses to “Ecology”

  1. Melissa said

    This is fantastic Daryl, George and Andrew! What a great assignment to bring everything together.

  2. This is beautiful. You have done a lot of incredible work. Well done!

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