aalinta eempaapiikinamankwi kineepwaayoneminaani, kati moošaki minapiyankwi

‘We are picking up some of the threads of our knowledge so that we will always remain together.’

At it’s most basic level, Myaamia Neepwaantiinki ‘Education’ is defined as “the responsible sharing of knowledge and wisdom derived from our people’s collective and continuing experiences over many generations.” Due to generations of loss within the Myaamia community, we have been forced to reclaim and revitalize much of the knowledge and many of the cultural practices so essential to developing wisdom and maintaining a thriving nation. In the mid 1990s, Community Elder Sammye Darling coined the term ‘awakening’ to describe the Myaamia revitalization effort. Today, we use the term Eemamwiciki ‘they awaken’ as a metaphor for the Myaamia community rebirth and ongoing renewal and empowerment produced through revitalization. The Eemamwiciki Community Revitalization Effort is the organizational support structure for the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma’s community revitalization programs. Its purpose is to reconnect Myaamia People to their Indigenous Knowledge System.

This page serves as a central hub for general information about Myaamia Neepwaantiinki ‘Education,’ updates regarding Eemamwiciki programs, and to supply links to publications and digital content that support community revitalization.

Summer 2019 Saakaciweeta & Eewansaapita Online Application Link

Myaamia Neepwaantiinki Links

Recent Language Posts

Recent Home Learning Posts

Ašiihkiwi neehi Kiišikwi “Earth and Sky”

  • Curriculum page (linked under development)
Telling Our Story: A Living History of the Myaamia

  • A Curriculum for Teaching Myaamia History at home and in school (linked here).
Eemamwiciki Social Media

Miami Tribe of Oklahoma Cultural Resources Office (CRO)

  • The official CRO page that contains official information about tribal events and programs (linked here).
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