In Myaamiaataweenki ‘the Miami language,’ we express the the notion of history with the phrase iiši-mihtohseeniwiyankwi aatotamankwi ‘how we talk about our lives.’  For us, history consists of the accumulated stories of our people’s lived experiences.  These stories can range from tales of individuals, to those about families, to those that address the entire Nation.  Most of these stories occurred in Myaamionki ‘Place of the Miami’ and as a result they are linked to our historic and contemporary sense of place.  The bedrock foundation of our history is our place: our sovereign homelands in Oklahoma and our historic homelands in Kansas and Indiana.  For this reason you will find that each of our history articles are categorized by first by geographical location and then by the date of the event.

Below you will find the index to all of the history articles with links included. It is a short list right now, but hopefully it will grow quickly!

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