Myaamiaataweenki ‘Miami Language’ Online Resources

We currently have a number of online resources to help you learn Myaamiaataweenki ‘the Miami language.’ Due to our history of forced removal, land loss, and population fragmentation, Myaamia people live all over the United States as well as in another countries around the world. As a result, the internet has become an increasingly useful place for teaching and using our heritage language. What follows is a brief summary of the tools that Myaamia teachers use for teaching Myaamiaataweenki as well as tools that Myaamia speakers use for communicating in our heritage language. Check out our links below and please contact us with any questions!

Miami-Illinois ILDA Dictionary

The dictionary, formally called the Myaamia Online Dictionary, can be used to search in English or Myaamiaataweenki. You can also download the ILDA Dictionary app for your mobile devices. Set up instructions for the app can be found in this Dictionary Update post.

Memrise Myaamia Language Lessons

Great for beginners as well as those who have been learning for years. Create an account then search for “myaamia language lessons”. Pick the lesson that seems the most suitable. The easiest lessons are at the beginning. After creating an account and selecting a course, you can continue to learn on the Memrise app.

Niiki Home Learning app

The Niiki app supports language learning in the home and is organized by the rooms of a house. It is available for Android and iOS devices.

Official website of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma

National gatherings and community language programs are listed and promoted on this site

Official website of the Myaamia Center

The Myaamia Center, located at Miami University, is the research arm of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma’s Cultural Resource Office, and its website has many of the language and culture publications that have come out of the Center as well as information regarding ongoing research projects.

Official website for Eemamwiciki Summer Programs

The Miami Tribe’s webpage for summer youth language programs: Saakaciweeta (6-9 year olds), Eewansaapita (10-16 year olds), Maayaahkweeta (17-18 year olds), and Neehsapita (adults).

Social Media

There are several groups and pages across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can find most of the groups and pages by searching. The list below contains the most active groups and pages.