Myaamiaataweenki ‘Miami Language’ Pronunciation Guide

There are twelve consonants in Myaamiaataweenki and four vowels with both long and short forms. Most of the consonants and vowels have sounds similar to those in English.  Preaspirated consonants do not exist in English. Typically these sound like a short puff of air, like an h sound, before the following consonant. In addition there are some unique sounds in Myaamiaataweenki that occur when specific consonants get grouped together in a word. Each of these sound types are broken down for you below in four tables. Each table has three columns: the symbol used to depict the sound on the left, an example Myaamia word with the symbol bolded and blue, and an example English word if available with the corresponding sound bolded and blue. Each Myaamia example word is also linked to the corresponding entry on the Myaamia Online Dictionary where you can hear the word spoken.


SymbolMyaamia Example WordAs in English
aaya ‘hello’pot
aawaawi ‘egg’fall
ealemwa ‘dog’bet
eeneepiki ‘he/she dies’made
inipi ‘waterbig
iiniiwi ‘four’see
oayaalo ‘go!’no
oooowaaha ‘here’moose


SymbolMyaamia Example WordAs in English
ppalaani ‘eight’paper
tahtawaani ‘tree’tie
kkiila ‘you’keep
cceeki ‘all’church
ssiipiiwi ‘river’see
ššooli ‘money’show
hhoci ‘hey!’ahead
mmiililo ‘give me!’mom
nniiwi ‘four’no
lpyaalo ‘come!’leave
wwaapiki ‘it is white’wish
yyaalanwi ‘five’yarn

Preaspirated Consonants

SymbolMyaamia example WordAs in English
hppaahpilo ‘play!’no comparison
hteehteeki ‘it is there’no comparison
hkmahkwa ‘bear’no comparison
hsnimihsa ‘my older sister’no comparison
iii ‘my younger sibling!’no comparison
hcmoohci ‘no’no comparison

Consonant Clusters

SymbolMyaamia Example WordAs in English
nkninkya ‘my mother’linger
ntaahsanteeki ‘sunny’tinder
ncmiincipi ‘corn’conjure
nswaapanswa ‘rabbit’frenzy
piiwa ‘cat’(-nzh-)
mpampihsaalo ‘jump!’lumber
m[vowel]smasaana ‘thread’(-maz-)
n[vowel]slenaswa ‘buffalo’(-naz-)
m[vowel]šahsenaamiši ‘sugar maple’(-mizh-)
n[vowel]štaaniši ‘which, how’(-nizh-)