Ciinkwia Minohsaya ‘Painted Thunderbird Robe’ Series

We have partnered with a team of scholars to bring you a new series of interpretations of this Ciinkwia Minohsaya ‘Painted Thunderbird Robe.’ In this short discussion, our team explores a series of key questions as they seek to contextualize this beautiful work of art in time and place, as well as within the culture of its home community. The interpretive team includes: Scott Shoemaker (Myaamia), Liz Ellis (Peoria), George Ironstrack (Myaamia), Dave Costa (American), Bob Morrissey (American), and Cam Shiver (American).

Image credit: ciinkwia minohsaya ‘Painted Thunderbird Robe’ – Robe peinte from Musée du quai Branly No. inventaire: 71.1878.32.134

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  1. says:

    The object and observations that accompany it here are stunning.  mesha neewe

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