Eemamwiciki Pen Pal Program Announcement

Eemamwiciki is excited to announce the opening of our very first pen pal program. The idea for creating this came out of a suggestion made by a participant in our 2020 Eemamwiciki at Home summer program. They wanted Myaamia youth to be able to connect with each other from across our diaspora, and we’ve expanded upon this idea and created a program that is open to Myaamia community members ages 5 and older. The goal of the program is to create an opportunity for Myaamiaki to connect, share with each other about our lives, use Myaamia language and practice Myaamia culture with each other, and where possible learn about different parts of Myaamionki ‘Myaamia homelands.’

Parents or guardians will apply on behalf of their minor children in an online application. Once accepted into the pen pal program, staff will match up applicants with another participant of a similar age.

Once pen pals are connected, staff will provide suggested writing prompts once a month. Participants are free to write when they have the time and interest, they needn’t respond to every prompt. However, we would like participants to commit to writing 4 letters a year. Our first prompt will go out on March 1, 2021.

Follow this link in order to sign up for the Eemamwiciki Pen Pal program. All participants will have access to templates for printable Eemamwiciki stationary.

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