Miami Tribe’s 2021 Fall Gathering

This year’s Fall Gathering will be held over the course of two evenings via Zoom. We are looking forward to gathering our community together virtually! The full schedule of events is included below.

Please note, an RSVP is required and the events are only open to Tribal Members and their families.

Thursday, September 30

The event will begin with a welcome by Chief Douglas Lankford and an introduction by Myaamia Elder George Strack.

meehkweelintamankwi aachsahaaciki: 175th Anniversary of the Myaamia Forced Removal

This October marks 175 years since our forced removal from our homelands along Waapaahšiiki Siipiiwi ‘Wabash River.’ Diane Hunter, Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, will be discussing the events and decisions that lead to Removal in 1846.

Diane’s posts about Removal are available on the Removal Commemoration page.

You can contact Diane at

iiši-wiintilenankwi – About Myaamia Names

Our community is revitalizing the practice of giving Myaamia names. George Ironstrack, Myaamia Center Education & Outreach Office Director, will be discussing naming practices and answering questions as time allows.

You can read more about naming in our posts kiwiinsooneminaana ‘Our Names’ and Naming as a Source of Resiliency.

For assistance in naming your family, please contact Jarrid Baldwin at

If you have questions about the practice of naming, please contact Joshua Sutterfield at

50th Anniversary of the Relationship with Miami University

In 2022, we will be celebrating 50 years of the relationship between the Miami Tribe and Miami University. Kara Strass, Director of Miami Tribe Relations at the Myaamia Center, will be discussing the history of this important relationship.

You can read more about this unique relationship on the Miami Tribe Relations website or in our About the Relationship Between the Miami Tribe and Miami University post.

You can contact Kara at

Saturday, October 2

The event will begin with a welcome by Chief Douglas Lankford and an introduction by Myaamia Elder George Strack.

keewahtekaayankwi – Stomp Dance

One of our favorite activities during large community gatherings is a Stomp Dance. Since we can’t enjoy dancing together right now, George Ironstrack will be discussing what happens at a Stomp Dance and sharing some videos so we can enjoy one virtually.

You can read more about Stomp Dance in our posts Stomp Dancing in Historical Sources and weehki kaloosioni: waapicahkihkwa ‘New Word: shaker cans’.

myaamionki – Purchase of Indiana Land

Last year, the property for the Cultural Resources Extension Office (CREO) in Fort Wayne, IN was sold since it could no longer meet the demands of growing community gatherings. Recently, a new property has been purchased. Chief Doug Lankford and CREO Community Programming Manager Doug Peconge will be discussing these new developments.

mahkisina meehkintiinki

Are you looking for a fun game to try out at home? Mahkisina meehkintiinki ‘Moccasin Game’ is a community favorite, especially for tournaments. George Ironstrack will be teaching you how to play!

To RSVP, please visit contact Joshua Sutterfield at

Miami Tribe Fall Gathering Event flier with date and presentation information

Updated: October 1, 2021

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