ašiihkiwi neehi kiišikwi ‘Earth and Sky’

About this theme

We will look at Myaamionki as a three-dimensional space that includes the earth and the sky. We will follow the movement of nipi ‘water’ in order to explore the connections, cycles, and dependencies that link all of the elements in and on the earth and in the sky. From this experience, participants develop a better understanding of the responsibility we bear for our actions in Myaamionki.


As part of the 2021 program, we will be piloting an online companion to the in-person programming. In the event that we are unable to hold in-person programming, the 2021 program will be held in a more robust capacity online.

At home activities

Want to start learning about ašiihkiwi neehi kiišikwi? Check out these at home activities!

keešaakosita kiilhswa ‘The Moon Grows’ activity PDF

Create a cube to follow the lunar cycle

ašiihkiwi neehi kiišikwi myaamionki: Earth and Sky the Place of the Myaamiaki curriculum PDF
Note: The website and Stellarium program mentioned in the curriculum are no longer available. Since the publication of this resource, we have continued to learn so some of the Myaamia words and phrases may be out of date. If you have any questions, please contact us at eemamwiciki@gmail.com!