Eemamwiciki Summer Programs

The Miami Tribe of Oklahoma hosts several programs over the course of the summer. You can learn more about each program by visiting the Miami Tribe’s Eemamwiciki website. Each year the programs have a different theme. Follow the links below to learn more about the theme and see what has happened in past programs.

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Weecinaakiiyankwi Weecikaayankwi (Song and Dance)

Meehtohseeniwinki Ašiihkionki (Living on the Land)

Eeweentiiyankwi (Family)

Ašiihkiwi neehi Kiišikwi (Earth and Sky)

Weekihkaanki Meehkintiinki (Games)

Kiikinaana (Our Homes)

Summer Program Articles

paahpitaawi myaamia paaskoontia! Let’s Play Miami Tossed Ball!

Myaamia Paaskoontia, ‘Miami Tossed Ball’ is a fun outdoor game to play with a big group of friends. Now that summer and green grass have arrived, it’s finally time to play!  What you will need: All you will need for this game is the paaskoontia ‘the ball’ which is ovular and made of hide. If…

seenseewitaawi! Let’s Play Bowl Game!

The first game we are going to learn about this summer is Seenseewinki, ‘bowl game’. This is one of our games of chance, and though it is scored individually, you can play with as big a group as you like.  What you will need: Seenseewinki doesn’t require too many pieces of equipment. All you will…

What Are Myaamia Games?

This year’s Eemamwiciki summer programs are going to teach participants about Myaamia games and the place they hold in our community. Our games can look very different from each other. Some are played on grassy fields or in the snow. Some are played indoors or wherever there is enough seating for you and your friends….

2021 Eemamwiciki Summer Program Wrap Up

Our second year of virtual Eemamwiciki Summer Programs has officially wrapped up. We missed being able to spend time learning together in person, but we are excited that 71 participants from across 15 states (and staff across 5 states) were able to join us virtually! This year we were able to host programs for ages…

Introducing the Neehsapita Adult Summer Program

Written by Joshua Sutterfield For the past several years, we have been looking for ways to bring our Eemamwiciki Summer Programs to our parents, caregivers, and other adults in our community. Many parents and caregivers had asked if they could get more information about the day to day programs their children were participating in and…


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