Eemamwiciki Summer Programs

The Miami Tribe of Oklahoma hosts several programs over the course of the summer. You can learn more about each program by visiting the Miami Tribe’s Eemamwiciki website. Each year the programs have a different theme. Follow the links below to learn more about the theme and see what has happened in past programs.

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Weecinaakiiyankwi Weecikaayankwi (Song and Dance)

Meehtohseeniwinki Ašiihkionki (Living on the Land)

Eeweentiiyankwi (Family)

Ašiihkiwi neehi Kiišikwi (Earth and Sky)

Weekihkaanki Meehkintiinki (Games)

Kiikinaana (Our Homes)

Summer Program Articles

kiikinaana ‘Our Homes’ – 2023 Summer Programs

This summer we’ll be learning about kiikinaana ‘our homes’ in all four of our programs: Saakaciweeta (6-9), Eewansaapita (10-16), Maayaahkweeta (17-18), and Neehsapita (18+). Over the course of these weeklong programs participants make personal connections with Myaamionki ‘Myaamia lands’ through exploring how the structures that we live in have changed over time. These connections include…

Eemamwiciki Summer Program Outcomes from OAE

Every year, the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma hosts tribal members ages 6 and older for a summer experience designed to teach them about Myaamia culture and language. There are six rotating themes for this summer experience, with the idea that participants who go through the program will eventually be exposed to each. Not a typical…

2022 Eemamwiciki Summer Programs Recap

The 2022 Eemamwiciki Summer Programs mark our return to in-person programming! In June, we had 28 participants across our Saakaciweeta, Eewansaapita, Maayaahkweeta, and Neehsapita programs in Miami, Oklahoma. In July, we had 26 participants in Saakaciweeta and Eewansaapita in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The theme for this summer was Weekihkaanki Meehkintiinki ‘Games’. Saakaciweeta participants also explored…

malotakahantaawi! Let’s Play Straw Game!

Meelotakahaminki ‘the Straw Game’ is a game of cunning and deception. It will test your abilities of observation while you try to outsmart your friends. So let’s grab some straws and begin the game! What you will need: This game can be played with a set of 51 or 101  straws. The smaller set of…

paahpitaawi myaamia paaskoontia! Let’s Play Miami Tossed Ball!

Myaamia Paaskoontia, ‘Miami Tossed Ball’ is a fun outdoor game to play with a big group of friends. Now that summer and green grass have arrived, it’s finally time to play!  What you will need: All you will need for this game is the paaskoontia ‘the ball’ which is ovular and made of hide. If…


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