eeweentiiyankwi ‘Family’

In this program, participants explore what it means when we say “we are related to each other.”  Over the week, youth explore who they are as individuals, who their close and extended families are, and who their ancestors are.  Finally they will compare their personal and family experiences, noting similarities and differences within the group.  Participants finish this program with an understanding that this combination of diversity and shared experience defines us as a community over time.

2021 Art Exhibitions

At Winter Gathering 2021, we will host our first digital art exhibition featuring art related to the 2020 Eemamwiciki Summer Programs theme! For our participants that have already submitted your work, please submit your work again (once the online form is available) to ensure your work is displayed at the best quality.

In June 2021, the Myaamia Heritage Museum and Archive will host a featured exhibition for art projects from Eemamwiciki Summer Programs participants. This will include work related to the 2020 theme and the 2021 theme: ašiihkiwi neehi kiišikwi ‘Earth and Sky.’

Art Exhibition Deadlines

2021 Winter Gathering Digital Exhibition: January 11, 2021

Myaamia Heritage Museum and Archive Exhibition: June 1, 2021 (all submissions must be received by MHMA)


The 2020 programs were shifted to an at home learning format. Participating families received digital versions of the learning activities and interacted with staff via video calls.

Program Activity Downloads

Saakaciweeta Activities PDF
Eewansaapita and Neehsapita Activities PDF
Art Project PDF

YouTube Resources

Art Project Playlist
Eemamwiciki at Home Playlist
Eewansaapita at Home: Recap Videos Playlist

Additional Activities

Iinka May I? Game
Aya Aya Song (with lyrics!)
Camp Granola Bar Recipe or YouTube Video