Eemamwiciki Pen Pal Prompts

We know how easy it is to lose an email so we’ve created this webpage in order to keep all of the prompts we’ve sent out in one place for you!

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▸ Introductions (March 2021)

For your first prompt, we want you to introduce yourself to your pen pal! You can share whatever you want. However, we would like to challenge you to use “Aya, _____ weenswiaani” and replace the _____ with your own name.

If you need some more help, here are some other things to use:

  • If you have attended summer programs, use some of the language you learned there! Last year, we included a new word for Eewansaapita participants: eeminootiaani ‘I am from a certain town.’ If you want, you can view Kara’s introduction video or Nate’s introduction video for ideas!
  • Tell them about where you live! You could even draw or include a picture and describe it.
  • Tell them about your family! You can also share one or two things about your Myaamia family or ancestors. If you want, you can share more too.
  • Ask your pen pal a question! Tell them something about yourself and then ask them about themselves. For example: “I like to play soccer. What do you like to do?” or “I like eating persimmon pudding. What Myaamia foods do you like?”

▸ April 2021

The weather is changing which marks the end of winter storytelling time and the beginning of neepinwiki ‘summer.’ Here are some ideas of what you can share with your pen pal:

  • As it gets warmer, what do you like to do outside?
  • What does it look like around your house? Have you noticed any changes recently?

This is a good chance to try some new language!

Since this is only the second prompt, try asking your pen pal a question that will help you get to know them better!

▸ May 2021

For this month’s prompt, we want you to share a story with your pen pal. It can be something that you did recently or something you created! Here are a few more ideas in case you need some help:

  • Do you have a favorite activity or tribal event? What happened the last time you participated?
  • Share a funny memory
  • Where in your house or yard is the best place for an adventure? What would happen on that adventure?
  • Draw a picture and describe what is happening

Are there places in your story where you can use Myaamiaataweenki ‘Myaamia language’? It could be an animal or plant name or it could be a phrase that you would use, like miililo ‘give it to me.’ See what you can find on the Myaamia Online Dictionary (or ILDA Dictionary app on your mobile device).

▸ June 2021

This month, we want you to send your pen pal a picture! You can choose to create the picture yourself or take one and include it with your letter. There are a lot of ecological events taking place right now, so show your pen pal what is happening in your neighborhood. If you need some ideas:

  • Do you have a garden or is there one nearby? What do those plants look like?
  • Have there been any interesting weather events, like big thunderstorms or flooding?
  • In the midwest, there has been a large brood of cicadas hatching. Is something similar happening where you live?

If you’re not sure what a cicada is, check out our example photos taken in Oxford, OH.

A 2021 Brood X Cicada in Oxford, OH
A 2021 Brood X Cicada in Oxford, OH. Photo by Kristina Fox

Brood X (2021) Cicadas on a pinwheel in Oxford, OH
Brood X (2021) Cicadas on a pinwheel in Oxford, OH. Photo by Kristina Fox

▸ July 2021

June 20th was the longest day of the year, also known as pahsaahkaahkanka ‘summer solstice.’ For most of us, the temperatures are continuing to rise and summer storms are moving in. In our first summer program session, we discussed the impact nipi ‘water’ has on us and our surroundings. Did you know that the amount of nipi in the air affects the weather? What do you like to do when it’s hot? What about when it’s raining? Share some of your favorite activities with your pen pal!

▸ August 2021

Summer is wrapping up, but there is still plenty of time to enjoy summertime food! Right now, we’re at the end of Kiišiinkwia Kiilhswa ‘Green Corn Moon.’ It’s during this time Myaamia miincipi is in the milk stage meaning you can eat it off the cob. For this reason, sweet corn is a popular choice around this time of year.

What is your favorite summer time food? Why is it your favorite? Are there any stories around this food you want to share with your pen pal? Do you have photos of your favorite food or of you and your family cooking or eating it? If so, you could share some of these pictures or draw your own to share with your pen pal.

▸ September 2021

It is officially time for students to return to school. We’d like you to share your favorite memory from school. Here are some questions to help you think about what you want to share.

  • What was your first day of school like this year?
  • Who was your favorite teacher? Why?
  • How did you get to school? Is there something that stands out from those trips?
  • What was your favorite subject, project, or field trip? Why?

If you’re interested in adding some Myaamiaataweenki ‘Myaamia language’ to your routine, check out our phrasebooks! The Miami Nation Gift Shop has both the kaloolitiitaawi: Greetings phrasebook and the kaloolitiitaawi: Going to School phrasebook available for purchase. You can also download a PDF of the kaloolitiitaawi: Going to School phrasebook from Aacimotaatiiyankwi.

▸ October 2021

For this month, we would like you to write about your experiences with one of the topics from the 2021 Miami Tribe Fall Gathering. If you were able to attend, write about that! If you weren’t, think about what you know or have done in the past!

This year’s Fall Gathering topics are:

  • Neepinkwiki & Peepoonki Coloring Book
  • Myaamia Forced Removal
  • Myaamia Names and Naming
  • 50th Anniversary of the Relationship with Miami University
  • Stomp Dance
  • Purchasing Land in Indiana for the new CREO site
  • Mahkisina Meehkintiinki ‘Moccasin Game’

▸ November 2021

Around this time of year there are many fruits and nuts that are ready for harvesting. One community favorite is pyaakimina ‘persimmon berries.’ Persimmon pudding never lasts long at events.

Do you and your family harvest any fruits or nuts? If so, share your experience with your pen pal!

Even if you don’t do any harvesting, this is a great opportunity to talk about your favorite fall dishes! What do you look forward to eating the most?

If you want to try out some new recipes, check out the persimmon dessert recipes from Kayla Becker on Aacimotaatiiyankwi!

▸ December 2021

We’re at the point of the year where there are significant ecological changes happening. That tells us we’re transitioning into a new season!

  • What is happening where you live? Draw or take a picture to share!
  • What are some of your favorite activities this time of year?
  • Do you think it’s time for winter storytelling? What changes make you think that?
  • Bonus: What is your favorite Myaamia story to listen to or tell?

▸ January 2022

It is the start of a new year on the Gregorian calendar. Did you know that the Gregorian calendar is based on the movement of Earth and the Sun? How did you celebrate this new year?

Did you know that our community has a Lunar calendar? This one is based on the cycles of the Moon. Each month is named for ecological changes happening around us. The start of the Lunar new year is on the first day of Mahkoonsa Kiilhswa ‘Young Bear Moon.’ This year, that day falls on February 4th. If you want to learn more about the Lunar calendar and each of the months, check out the Ecology page of Aacimotaatiiyankwi.

Share with your pen pal how you celebrate the new year and what you know or have learned about the Lunar Calendar!

Updated: December 31, 2021