weehki-kaloosioni – Ice Cream

weehki-kaloosioni (new word) – weekapatenki (Ice Cream)

We have been asked by many in the community over the years to come up with a term for ice cream. Thanks to the most recent request by Dante Fumagalli, a student of Dr. Wesley Leonard at Southern Oregon University, and to the coming of springtime and warm weather, we have created a word for ice cream:



The literal translation is along the lines of “it is sweet ice”, which is the essence of what ice cream is.

For those who are interested in the linguistics breakdown of the word, it is as follows:

wiihkapan       +    aten    +       ki
(it is sweet tasting)  (cold, ice)    (“descriptive it” verb marking)

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. ciinkwia says:

    There sure is, its the same word! 🙂

  2. Angie Quinn says:

    Neewe for creating this word. Is there a dairy-free version? 🙂

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