šaaye aawiki neepwaamikonki ‘It’s time for school’

The transition back to school has arrived! It’s never too late to add some Myaamiaataweenki ‘Miami language’ into your daily routine, and the start of the school year feels like a great time to add something new. Let’s take a peek inside the “kaloolitiitaawi: Going to School” phrasebook which gathers school specific language in one place for easy access. We’ve included some particularly useful phrases below .

šaaye eehpiši peesikwiiyani neehi neepwaamikoyani – ‘It’s time for you to get up and go (do) school’

nahi-nko nipaayani – ‘Did you sleep well?’

nahi neepaani – ‘I slept well’

wiihsinitaawi maayaahkweeta – ‘Let’s eat lunch! Time for lunch!’

keetwi neepwaamilenki nipwaantiikaaninki noonki kaahkiihkwe – ‘What did you learn in school today?’

mayaawi teepi – ‘Very good, good job’

wiiciilamilo – ‘You help me’

Download the “kaloolitiitaawi: Going to School” phrasebook to explore more school related Myaamiaataweenki.

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