2021 Eemamwiciki Summer Program Wrap Up

Our second year of virtual Eemamwiciki Summer Programs has officially wrapped up. We missed being able to spend time learning together in person, but we are excited that 71 participants from across 15 states (and staff across 5 states) were able to join us virtually! This year we were able to host programs for ages six to adults over the course of two, week-long sessions.

Our Saakaciweeta (ages 6-9), Eewansaapita (ages 10-16), and Neehsapita (adult) programs explored ašiihkiwi neehi kiišikwi ‘Earth and Sky’ with a focus on misaahaki nipi ‘water all around.’ With the help of our relative Tim McCoy, we learned about the role water plays in our daily lives, how it appears in our aacimoona ‘historical narratives’ and aalhsoohkaana ‘Winter Stories,’ and how it shapes our landscape over time.

Saakaciweeta participants in the July session created this diagram of how water is connected to us.
Photo courtesy of Jessie Seddelmeyer

Below we’ve included some highlights from each program and work from our participants.


Saakaciweeta participants were tasked with observing their surroundings while exploring the area around their homes. From these observations and what they learned throughout the week, they created art projects that depict niila ‘me,’ peminkiši ‘up,’ mihtahkiši ‘down,’ and misaahaki ‘all around.’

Weather reports were also a large component of the week-long program & included participants not only learning various weather terms but also exploring various ways of recording their reports. Drawing the weather as well as recording themselves giving a weather report were fun to do and exciting to share with each other!


This year’s art project for Eewansaapita and Neehsapita participants was a mobile that depicted an aspect of nipi. Throughout the week, we learned how nipi impacts the weather, creates rocks which we interact with daily (such as salt), and shapes the land around us. Participants drew information from this knowledge to choose a theme, create elements, and start building their mobiles. Below are a few examples provided by Eewansaapita participants for our community celebration. Watch the Eemamwiciki social media later this fall for a full virtual gallery of projects from participants in all of our programs!


Participants from Eewansaapita and Neehsapita learned about the three core rivers of Myaamionki: Waapaahšiiki Siipiiwi ‘Wabash River,’ Waapankiaakami ‘Marais des Cygnes River,’ and Noošonke Siipiwi ‘Neosho River.’ During this discussion, participants identified the river closest to their location and how to navigate the rivers to reach one of these core rivers. We also listened to Jarrid Baldwin recount our Coming Out Story which refers to Saakiiweeyonki ‘Coming Out Place’ along the Saakiiweesiipiiwi ‘St. Joseph River (Lake Michigan).’ Participants in each program worked together to navigate the rivers in order to meet at Saakiiweeyonki.

Myaamia River map created by Owen Larson with help from Tim McCoy, Cameron Shriver, and George Ironstrack


Maayaahkweeta (ages 17-18) was created to engage learners who have aged out of our Eewansaapita program to further their Myaamia education. This year, they did a variety of Myaamia language activities designed to push their knowledge of the Myaamia language through immersion, weather reports and scavenger hunts. They also got creative by making a “Welcome to Winter Gathering” video for those in the community who have never attended. Alongside these language activities we invited Myaamia guests each day to talk about their careers and how they stay connected to the Myaamia community.

The Welcome to Winter Gathering video created by the 2021 Maayaahkweeta participants.

While online summer programs aren’t the same as being together physically, we look forward to continuing to offer a virtual option once we return to in person camps! More information will be posted on the Eemamwiciki social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and the Eemamwiciki Summer Program Website as it becomes available. If you would like to receive an email update, please contact us at Eemamwiciki@gmail.com.

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