27 ayaapeensa kiilhswa (2021)

noonki kaahkiihkwe peehki-kiišikahki (60) tikawi aalhkwahki ahsenisiipionki.

Sun being partially covered by a cloud clipart

noonki peehkonteeki myaalisiwa ayaapeensa kiilhswa (peeminteeta).

taaniši kiišikahki niiyaaha apiyani?

neemani-nko kati ayaapeensa kiilhswa? tookinanto oowaaha -> ayaapeensa kiilhswa

neemani-nko kati aakalaahšimaataweenki? toohkinanto mihtahkiši.

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27 Young Buck Moon (2021)
’27 ayaapeensa kiilhswa (2021)’

Today, it’s a beautiful day (60) and partly cloudy in the Great Miami River Valley.
‘noonki kaahkiihkwe peehki-kiišikahki (60) tikawi aalhkwahki ahsenisiipionki.’

Sun being partially covered by a cloud clipart

Tonight, the Young Buck Moon is sickly and gaunt (waning).
‘noonki peehkonteeki myaalisiwa ayaapeensa kiilhswa (peeminteeta).’

What’s the weather like where you’re at?
‘taaniši kiišikahki niiyaaha apiyani?’

For more information on Ayaapeensa Kiilhswa click here.

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  1. jcannest says:

    piitlaanwi 45-32 manetwa pyaaci

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