weehki kaloosioni: kiinteelintaakani ‘New Word: Computer’

Computers are everywhere today. Everyone has them and we all use them on a daily basis. It’s important in any language to be able to talk about your daily life and the things around you, and Myaamia is no exception. For our new word post today we introduce a word we created many years ago, kiinteelintaakani ‘computer.’

You might be wondering, what are the pieces of this word? What does it literally mean? Let me show you:

kiint + eelint + aakan + i
fast +  think  + thing   + (default noun category)

This literally translates to “the thing that thinks fast”. When we create new words in Myaamia, we think about the object and we consider all of its characteristics. Then, we pull together those characteristics we think are most important in defining that object and we turn that into a word.

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