6 ayaapia kiilhswa (2013)

December 10, 2013

noonki kaahkiihkwe neepanki (27) manetwa kiinwita.


noonki peehkonteeki napale waawiyiisita kiilhswa.


taaniši kiišikatwi niiyaaha apiyani?

neemani-nko kati aakalaahšimaataweenki? toohkinanto mihtahkiši.
(For English, click below)



6th Day of Buck Moon (2013)
(6 ayaapia kiilhswa (2013))

Today, it’s cold (27) and the snow is deep.
(noonki kaahkiihkwe neepanki (27) manetwa kiinwita.)


Tonight, the moon is half full.
(noonki peehkonteeki napale waawiyiisita kiilhswa.)


What’s the weather like where you’re at?
(taaniši kiišikatwi niiyaaha apiyani?)

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