Happy New Year!

wiiyaakiteeheeko weehki-kihkatwe!

2016-Happy-New-Year-Images1.jpgimage by Somasundaram Rino

A New Year has begun for the Gregorian calendar! The phrase above is how we would say “rejoice the New Year” or, more commonly, “Happy New Year” in Myaamiaataweenki. Don’t forget, though, the Myaamia Lunar New Year is coming up February 10th. Be sure to use this phrase then also! Click here for the audio


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  1. Nichole S. Prescott says:

    aya! Neewe for the post. How did we celebrate or mark the transition into a new year?

    1. aya eeweemilaani, we haven’t found any examples in the record of a celebration connected with the sprouting of Mahkoonsa Kiilhswa. What we surmise though, is that the beginning of this month signaled that it was time to prepare for activities associated with the transition of seasons, like Maple Sugaring. It was the end of winter – which usually occurred 2-3 lunar months after the new year – that was more clearly marked by historic communities by ceasing winter storytelling, the first ball games of the year, and the preparations for agriculture. Today though, we’ve started hosting Myaamia Lunar New Year’s parties as a way to emphasize the distinctiveness of our lunar calendar. In addition to sharing a feast together, we typically tell winter stories and play traditional games like mahkisina eeyoonki meehkintiinki (the moccasin game) and seenseewinki (the bowl game). But we fully recognize that these parties are a relatively new innovation.

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