11 mihšiiwia kiilhswa (2019)

noonki kaahkiihkwe ceeliteeki (83) aalahkwahki ahsenisiipionki.

noonki peehkonteeki waawiyiisita mihšiiwia kiilhswa (keešaakosita).

taaniši kiišikahki niiyaaha eepiyani?

neemani-nko kati mihšiiwia kiilhswa? tookinanto oowaaha -> mihšiiwia kiilhswa

neemani-nko kati aakalaahšimaataweenki? toohkinanto mihtahkiši.

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11th Day of Elk Moon (2019)
’11 mihšiiwia kiilhswa (2019)’

Today, it’s hot (83) and cloudy in the Great Miami River Valley.
‘noonki kaahkiihkwe ceeliteeki (83) aalahkwahki ahsenisiipionki.’

Tonight, the Elk Moon is full (waxing).
‘noonki peehkonteeki waawiyiisita mihšiiwia kiilhswa (keešaakosita).’

What’s the weather like where you’re at?
‘taaniši kiišikahki niiyaaha eepiyani?’

Do you want to see more information on Elk Moon? click here -> Elk Moon
‘neemani-nko kati mihšiiwia kiilhswa? tookinanto oowaaha -> mihšiiwia kiilhswa

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  1. Michael M. Stachnik says:

    Hello Mr. Ironstrack,
    We hold an annual Native American Day just northwest of Chicago. Do you know of anyone in our area who would like to participate? We present information and activities on local First Peoples. The event is on Saturday November 2nd from 1-4. Thank you for any help you may be able to provide.

    .Michael M. Stachnik
    Program Manager
    Elk Grove Historical Museum
    Elk Grove Park District
    399 Biesterfield Road
    Elk Grove Village, Ill. 60007
    (847) 439-3994

    1. neewe ‘thank you’ for contacting us Mr. Stachnik. There is a wonderful American Indian Center located in Chicago – https://www.aicchicago.org/. They are the best local resource for you.

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