teekwahkahki ‘There is Frost”

The arrival of teekwahkahki ‘frost’ signals the end of neepinwiki ‘summer’ and the beginning of peepoonki ‘winter.’ The hard frost occurs during the period of seasonal transition called teekwaakiki ‘autumn’ in Myaamiaataweenki. This frost typically kills off the last of the green growth on plants and animals start to become less active. From a Myaamia cultural perspective, the dormancy of amphibians, especially tree frogs, is a key indicator of peepoonki.

Green plant being covered in frost clipart

The decreased temperatures that arrive with peepoonki ‘winter’ also make thunderstorms far less common. From a Myaamia point of view, there is an important cultural connection between the arrival of teekwahkahki ‘frost,’ the quieting of the frogs, and the absence of regular thunderstorms; together these things indicate that it is time to tell aalhsoohkaana ‘Winter Stories.’

teekwahkahki neehi manetwa piihsaaci. noonki peepoonki. aalhsoohkiitaawi! ‘It’s frosty and it has snowed. It is winter. Let’s tell Winter Stories!’

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