Myaamiaki Who Became U.S. Citizens

Content Warning: This post discusses specific names of Myaamia people impacted by Removal. It is possible that you may have a personal connection with some of those individuals.

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In the late 18th and early 19th century, some Myaamiaki married Euro-Americans, and a few of them chose to raise their children and grandchildren in French or Anglo-American society rather than in Myaamia communities. By the time of Removal, these families had become citizens of the United States or Canada, and as such, they could not be forcibly removed. A few from these families chose to maintain their relationship with the Miami Tribe and voluntarily went on Removal, but the majority of them remained in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.

Using letters, records and genealogical information, Myaamia citizen John Bickers compiled the following list of those Myaamiaki who were legally permitted to remain in Indiana. In these lists of Myaamiaki and throughout these blog posts, linguist David Costa has verified that Myaamia names are written with current spellings, whenever possible.

DeRome Family

English NameMarried Surname(s)
Maria Christiana GraeterDeRome
Adelia Christina DeRomeCreditor
Charles J. Creditor
Mary Frances CreditorShuler Schuler
Frederick Charles DeRome
Henry Leon DeRome
George Washington DeRome
Solomon Raphael DeRome
David Joseph DeRome
Rosabelle DeRomeDavis
Adaline josephine DeRomeDoudrick McNally
Emaline DeRomeHenry

Gouin Family

Myaamia NameEnglish NameMarried Surname(s)
ŠiihšiipaNicholas C. Gouin
ŠiihšiipiinsaMaxim W. Gouin
Francois Gouin
Francois Xavier Gouin
Louis Gouin
Peter Gouin
Augustus P. Gouin
Charles Gouin
Pontiff Gouin
Archangel GouinCadieux
Charles Cadieux
Elizabeth Cadieux
David Cadieux
Gabriel Richard Cadieux
Isadore Cadieux
Guillaume Henri Cadieux
Francis L. Cadieux
Mary L. Cadieux
Apollonius Gouoin
Elisabeth GouinTremble

Labreche Family

English NameMarried Surname(s)
Jean Baptiste Labreche
Angeline LabrecheHivon
Lewis Hivon
Mary Hivon
James Hivon

Langlois Family

Myaamia NameEnglish NameMarried Surname(s)
KinooseensaPeter Langlois
Julia Ann LangloisJackson
Emily Jane Langlois
Peter Leander Langlois
Pamelia Lane LangloisMowbray
Elisabeth LangloisAllen Hedson
Nancy Ann AllenJackson
Eliza Jane Allen

Minnie Family

English NameMarried Surname(s)
Mary Louise VautrinMinnie
Frederick minnie
Maria MinnieBowers
Nancy MinnieBlankenship
Charles Minnie
Mary Charlotte MinnieFunk
Israel Minnie
Lewis Joseph Minnie
Adeline Minni
John Minnie
Joseph Minnie
Sarah Ellen MinnieWard
Mary Louisa MinnieHarris
Mary Louisa HarrisCronmiller
Anna Harris
Amanda Harris
Adeline HarrisRaypholts

Pinšiwa’s Family

Myaamia NameEnglish NameMarried Surname(s)
Mes-swoh-quang*Jane WellsGriggs
Me-sack*Warren A. Griggs
WaapimaankwaCharles Sumner Griggs
KatakimaankwaAnthony Wayne Griggs
MihtohseenihkwaMartha Jane GriggsSpaulding
KatakimaankohkwaEliza Ann GriggsMartin
* This name was poorly recorded, and as a result, we do not know what it means or how to spell it using the modern spelling system.

Josette Beaubien Roubidoux Family

Myaamia NameEnglish NameMarried Surname(s)
Mary Louise RoubidouxGeboe
Louis Geboe
Mary Louise GeboeMitchell
Zachariah Geboe
Angeline GeboeLaCroix Adler
Adeline LaCroixAllebaugh Lucian
Frances Pauline LaCroixShaw Bricker
Octavia LaCroix
Caroline LaCroix
Mary Ann GeboeGeboe
KitahsaakanaDavid Geboe
OonseentiihkwaRoseann GeboeBourie Sharkey
Ely Geboe
Etienne Joseph Geboe
Sophia GeboeBourdoux Howard
MahkateemaankwaCharles Hubert Geboe
WaapimaankwaJames Edward Geboe
Šako*Jacques “James” Roubidoux
MoonaapitiaTouissaint Roubidoux
Joseph Roubidoux
EecipoonkwiaJohn Baptiste Roubidoux
Mary Louisa RoubidouxLeonard
AkoohsiaMarguerite RoubidouxLafalier Richardville
KoohsioonaPeter Lafalier
WaapimaankohkwaMary Magdalene BourdouxLafontaine Trott Wilhoite
* This name was poorly recorded, and as a result, we do not know what it means or how to spell it using the modern spelling system.

Wells Family

Myaamia NameEnglish NameMarried Surname(s)
PakankihkwaAnn T. HackleyFarrand Blystone
LenipinšiaRichard Farrand
ŠowaapinamwaOliver Farrand
John Farrand
LenipinšiaJack W. Hackley
Mary Ann HackleyHiner
William Wells Wolcott
Robert Fulton Wolcott
Mary Ann WolcottGilbert
Henry C. Wolcott
Frederick A. Wolcott
James Madison Wolcott

Additional information about the individuals named in the tables above is available in a Google Spreadsheet for viewing.

In the next blog post on October 31, we will learn about the experience of Myaamiaki on the steamboat Clermont No. 2 on the Peekamiiki Siipiiwi ‘Missouri River.’

Post written by Diane Hunter, Tribal Historic Preservation Officer for the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma. Diane can be contacted at

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