The Battle of Kiihkayonki

About this time of year in 1790, the Myaamiaki (Miamis) and Mihši-maalhsaki (Americans) were at war. The violence in the middle of October is recalled as the Battle of Kiihkayonki. In this blog post, George Ironstrack narrates the actions of the Miamis and their allies, as well as the American forces.

This prolonged battle initiated an intense period of suffering for Myaaamia families. A generation later, Myaamia leaders counted the loss of critical wampum strings among the losses from those days. I think George’s perspective is poignant. He calls on readers to honor the Myaamia in recalling that violence is not a happy or desired outcome:  “the vast majority of our ancestors would have preferred a peaceful life unmarred by war, starvation, and relocation. I believe the same could be said of many of their American contemporaries.”

A string of wampum
Wampum String, (Unknown), 1765-1830. M13321, McCord Stewart Museum.

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