“Aya Aya” Song

aya ceeki,

This video was created for the Myaamia Heritage Class at Miami University. It teaches you how to sing the “aya aya” song which is to the tune of the French nursery rhyme “Frère Jacques”. The song teaches general greetings and more. The first part is learning the verses to the song and the last part is singing along. The four verses are written out and translated below.

aya aya, aya aya                                            Hello (general greeting) x 2

tipeewe neeyolaani, tipeewe neeyolaani            It’s good to see you x 2

peehki kiišikahki, peehki kiišikahki                    It’s a nice day x 2

teepahki, teepahki                                          It’s good x 2



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