ayaapeensa kiilhswa ‘Young Buck Moon’

Ayaapeensa Kiilhswa (Young Buck Moon) is one of two lunar months named for White-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus). To the best of our knowledge, this month is associated with the beginning of the rut (breeding cycle) for White-tailed deer.

DSK220 28
ayaapeensa (young White-tailed buck)*

In some years, the younger males lose their antlers by the end of this month.  Today, there is a lot of variation within the White-tailed deer populations regarding when bucks drop their antlers. It appears that historically, the young White-tailed deer bucks dropped their antlers first. The loss of antlers marks the end of the rut (the breeding cycle) for these younger male deer.

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*photo from Michigan State University – http://deer.fw.msu.edu/management/history.php/

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