Wilaalaansantaawi! Neepinwiki & Peepoonki ‘Let’s Color It! Summer & Winter’

This year, the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma developed our first Wilaalaansantaawi! ‘Let’s Color It!’ coloring book. This week, we’ve got a sneak peek of the Neepinwiki & Peepoonki ‘Summer & Winter’ book, which is due to be mailed out this fall.

Cover for the summer and winter coloring book
wilaalaansantaawi! neepinwiki & peepoonki ‘Let’s color it! Summer & Winter’ coloring book developed by the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma

For this first coloring book, our team decided to focus on seasons. From a Myaamia perspective, seasons are split into neepinwiki ‘summer’ and peepoonki ‘winter’ with two transitional periods, teekwaakiki ‘fall’ and meeloohkamiki ‘spring.’ Each of our coloring pages depicts a cultural activity that occurs during a particular season. For example, peekitahaminki ‘lacrosse’ is played during the summer months because most of the planting work is done and many of our community gathering events take place. Our friend anikwa ‘squirrel’ has found someplace to hide in each scene. Can you find him in the peekitahaminki scene?

One of the neepinwiki 'summer' pages depicting children playing peekitahaminki 'lacrosse'
One of the neepinwiki ‘summer’ pages depicting children playing peekitahaminki ‘lacrosse’

The goal of the coloring book is to introduce learners of all ages to Myaamia culture and language. As you can see in the example above, each coloring page also includes MyaamiaataweenkiMyaamia language.’ Each phrase describes what is happening in the scene. These phrases are gathered in a glossary at the end of the coloring book as well as on the Myaamia Online Dictionary where learners can listen to a recording.

As mentioned previously, the coloring book isn’t available until this fall. If you are itching to get creative, check out the coloring page of our friend anikwa.

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