weehki-kihkatwe! ‘It’s the Myaamia Lunar New Year!’

Young Black Bears on a branch with the crescent Moon and "wiiyaakiteeheelo weehki-kihkatwe"
Artwork by Megan Sekulich

With the sprouting of Mahkoonsa Kiilhswa ‘Young Bear Moon’ in the night sky on February 22, 2023, we can say: “weehki-kihkatwe – It’s the Myaamia Lunar New Year!” Historically, it was during this month that mahkoonsaki ‘black bear cubs’ emerged from their dens for this first time (for more about Mahkoonsa Kiilhswa click here). This signals the beginnings of a series of changes that will bring peepoonki ‘winter’ to an end. By the end of Mahkoonsa Kiilhswa, it will be time to tap Sugar maple trees and begin the sugaring season. If you want to learn more about the Myaamia Lunar Calendar (click here). If you want to learn how to say “weehki-kihkatwe – It’s the Myaamia Lunar New Year!,” just click the phrase and the link will take you to the online dictionary.

For more information about how to acquire a print version of the calendar, please email George Ironstrack at ironstgm@MiamiOH.edu.

Updated: February 22, 2023

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