2022 Eemamwiciki Summer Programs Recap

The 2022 Eemamwiciki Summer Programs mark our return to in-person programming! In June, we had 28 participants across our Saakaciweeta, Eewansaapita, Maayaahkweeta, and Neehsapita programs in Miami, Oklahoma. In July, we had 26 participants in Saakaciweeta and Eewansaapita in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The theme for this summer was Weekihkaanki Meehkintiinki ‘Games’.

Saakaciweeta participants also explored Weecinaakiiyankwi Weecikaayankwi ‘We Sing Together – We Dance Together’ during the program. If you have ever been around mahkisina meehkintiinki ‘moccasin game,’ you have experienced how songs enhance the energy of the game. Participants created an artistic representation of a song as well as mahkisina pads. Saakaciweeta participants played mahkisina meehkintiinki, seenseewinki ‘bowl game,’ peekitahaminki ‘lacrosse,’ paapankamwa ilweeta ‘Fox says,’ animal bingo, and an animal matching card game. In Oklahoma, Saakaciweeta participants were part of the big peekitahaminki game against the Seneca-Cayuga. Indiana participants joined with the Eewansaapita group for a community peekitahaminki game where a Saakaciweeta participant scored the first goal! That is no easy feat, even for adults, so mayaawi teepi ‘good job’!

Eewansaapita participants learned about seenseewinki, mahkisina meehkintiinki, peekitahaminki, myaamia paaskoontia ‘Myaamia tossed ball,’ and meelotakahamiinki ‘straw game.’ Each group was also tasked with teaching one of those games at the community celebration at the end of the week. They not only participated in the Seneca-Cayuga game in Oklahoma or community game in Indiana, there was an Eewansaapita mahkisina meehkintiinki tournament in both locations. At the end of the week, they took home a set of seenseewinki game pieces and a wooden pakitahaakani ‘lacrosse stick’ that they created.

Maayaahkweeta participants spent the week creating a video that teaches viewers about mahkisina meehkintiinki, seenseewinki, and peekitahamiinki. The purpose of the video was to help folks prepare for events during National Gathering Week which occurred the week following camp. They also spent time on their Myaamia language skills and collaborating with participants from the other programs.

Four people gathered at the Miami Nation Council House
2022 Maayaahkweeta participants and staff Photo by Karen L. Baldwin
Maayaahkweeta participant video demonstrating Myaamia games.

Neehsapita participants had the opportunity to learn from two guest instructors. Scott Shoemaker helped participants sew their own center-seam mahkisina. Then, Doug Peconge split his time between Eewansaapita and Neehsapita teaching about the processing to make pakitahaakana. Participants experienced the entire stick making process first hand.

While each of our programs was happening in-person, we also had modified versions of the curriculum available online in an At Your Own Pace session that ran in the weeks between the Oklahoma and Indiana programs. We were joined by 19 participants across 11 states. These participants had the opportunity to learn about each of the games as well as craft their own game pieces.

We look forward to seeing everyone again next summer whether it be in Oklahoma, Indiana, or online!

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